Momento Calma

About me

My training as a masseur began around the year 2000 in Valladolid, my hometown, where I studied manual therapy and chiromassage.

Since then I have not stopped training in different methods and styles. My last formation was this summer in Evia (Greece) at the Sunshine Dynamic Thai massage School.

Momento Calma is the result of all these years in the wonderful world of massage and bodywork.

In addition, other facets of my person come together, such as having imparted Hatha Yoga classes, the continuous practice of Vipassana meditation, having been a didgeridoo player for different musical projects or having recently published a collection of poems.

Large part of my professional experience has been in the world of Spa and Wellness. Then it emerges the necessity to offer something different with my massages, a more exclusive dedication to my clients. And then the question of what we expect from a massage, apart from being able to relieve some kind of ailment.

Momento Calma was my answer: an intimate space where, through touch, an encounter with the pleasure of the sensations that our own body offers us.

That is why I try to make each massage a poetic and unique experience.


My goal is that the person, through massage, becomes aware of his body and his breathing.


That from that state of presence, “calm” that will lead us to balance comes, thus promoting health and well-being.

“Feel part of the universe

                       and the universe will be part of you”